Lost - Need Contact Info

We have been unable to locate the classmates listed below. If you know how to reach them, please forward their contact information to us via our email:
Many thanks!

Eric Andreen
Kathleen Armstrong
Brian G. Blake
Alan W. Brown
Russel Brown
Nancy Bugosh
Edward Cassling
Thomas A. Eckstein
Richard H. Eldridge
Margaret Evans
Virginia Hawkins

David Johns
Louis Kline
Joanna Mast
Richard Melrath
Gloria Packer
Ellery Robbins
Michael Sestrich

Barbara Shivers
Valerie Snow
George Snyder
Laurie E. Stevens
Lucille M. Stevens
David W. Stuart
Eric Swensson
Lawrence N. Teleshak
Bobby Tyson
Valentine Walls
Ed Yetter













40th Reunion - 2011
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