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40th Reunion a Huge Success!

Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2011 flew by like a whirlwind. Over 60 classmates attended the numerous activities, making the event a collage of hugs, laughter and wide smiles.

Friday started early at our Unionville Farm Show tent, where classmates could get transported back to the 1960's, forget those creaky knees and listen to classic rock & roll while viewing photos and 1971 trivia posters. It was a great place to reminisce and rest after walking around the fairground.
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In the afternoon, about 30 classmates gathered at the High School for a tour. This was the first time many had seen each other since graduation. It was quite emotional and created a flood of memories. Although the tour was nice, so many changes have occurred over the years that we didn't recognize the school. We heard the gym was all that remained and that too is targeted for replacement. There are lots of fancy features and our crowd commented, converting them into tax assessments. Funny how one's perspective changes.
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Unionville High School
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40th Reunion Photos

Around 5:30 Friday night, a group of us went to John Laffey's business to decorate the wagon for Saturday's parade. Bobby Hicks did a great job getting a fancy wagon and green tractor. It was a tight fit, but the guys managed to squeeze the wagon inside when rain showers arrived. Several people hung around past midnight making sure John didn't have to put away any leftover beer.
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Saturday morning started with a small town parade. Our class wagon was rockin' with 60's music, flower power and fresh straw! Bobby Hicks took extra care driving the tractor, only slamming on the brakes once for a beer stop along the route.
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Congratulations to Jim Hicks for winning the milking contest! He battled it out against Martha (Miller) Hill, Chip Beane and Bob Laffey.

The day ended with a dinner/dance at the Italian Social Club in Kennett Square. We packed the room! Thanks to the reunion committee for providing the open bar for most of the evening (due to prudent budgeting skills). Although the official function ended at 11 pm, many relocated to other venues for more socializing.
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Thanks to all who made the effort to come! We hope to see everyone in ten years for the 50th. Stay tuned!

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